In the Meadow


January 31, 2024

The joyful expectation of good. Hope is a verb. Not just a wish or desire, hope is actionable. More than an emotion, it is knowing your tomorrow can be better than your today, and you have the power to make it so. When we have a hopeful mindset, we show up with strength to meet…

Charlson Meadows front door

The Gift of a Welcome

December 28, 2023

Over the last year, we have had the opportunity to welcome almost 4,000 guests across our threshold. As a Foundation, our mission is to serve the servers of our community with inspiring spaces and gracious hospitality. We believe people are a good investment, and we honor each guest that arrives at our door. What does…

Seasons Greetings

Simple Gifts

November 28, 2023

Gift of Ease There’s a beauty in embracing simplicity above the rush of the holiday season. Often, the best gifts are the quiet moments shared with loved ones. Consider simplifying traditions, focusing on meaningful connections and establishing the pace you want to maintain. Let simplicity amplify the warmth of your connection. Gift of Connection In…

S'mores, Smiles

Fun – A Worthy Pursuit

October 28, 2023

Finding fun With the sharp turn of the weather, we say goodbye to the colored leaves and fall festivities. Did you get all of the fun out of fall? The arrival of snowflakes marks the next season and new opportunities for creating fun. Make memories  When we are at play, we feel the most alive…

Osprey in their nest, Labyrinth

Float First

September 28, 2023

An osprey fledge doesn’t topple out of the nest and soar. They begin floating above the perch, catching a feel for the wind. As strength and stamina grow, the bird can increase the duration and height of their test flights. At this point, they still require a parent to deliver food to the nest tower. …

Rocking Chair in Willow Cabin

Ready or Not

August 28, 2023

Ready or not! The signs of transition are showing up here at Charlson Meadows. Our team is looking forward to cooler temperatures for working on the land. How about you?  Maybe you are like me and not in a rush to move to the next season. Held When transitions and the pace of life get…

veggies from the Giving Garden

What You Nourish Can Flourish.

July 28, 2023

Just like a skilled gardener tends to the soil, nourishing our minds, bodies, and spirits is essential if we want to see personal growth. Consider your needs and desires in this season. How can you invest your time and energy in activities that fuel your personal growth? Whether learning a new skill, pursuing a passion,…

Council Point views

Who’s in Your Circle?

June 15, 2023

Life Journey Series Featured site: Council Point sits on a peninsula in Lake Zumbra. A campfire ring with a wide circle of 21 seats honors the tradition of storytellers and tribal councils.  Have you considered who makes up your circle of influence? It could be family, mentors, friends, community leaders, or fictional characters. Today, access to…

Woods, Fairy, Canoe on Stone Lake


May 21, 2023

Playful Exploration When was the last time you got lost in a creative and fun activity? The Fairy Glade offers an invitation to remember the playfulness of childhood and gives permission to play again.  Play is serious business! Play is easy to spot in a neighborhood park or beach, but what does play look like…

Natures Chapel


April 15, 2023

by Nicole Rasmussen As Spring arrives, Nature’s Chapel in the woods is a favorite spot for our guests and worth the trek. With benches and a set-apart feel, this place offers an invitation to linger. The sound-absorbing snow is gone; the acoustics of the woods shift as growth and new life awaken. Debris from the…