A Day for the Heart

“…Really care for who you are. Be committed to loving yourself. Take care of your heart and soul.”  Louise Hay, Author

By Sharon Franquemont and Nicole Rasmussen Do you take care of both your physical and energetic heart—the energetic heart that leaps with joy or closes with sorrow.? Caretaking both your physical and emotional heart experiences are vital for your wellbeing and often overlap. For example, do you take time out for the silence and rest necessary to both your physical and energetic heart? Do you accept beauty’s invitation to relax, connect with others, and contribute to your health and wellness? Do you allow yourself to soak in and deeply receive the recognition and appreciation that is offered to you?  Do you take time to celebrate and express gratitude for the things—big and small—that go well in your life?  We know from scientific research that emotions and our physicality are intertwined. Charlson Meadows is committed to providing you with beauty inside and outside, opportunities to receive stillness and silence, connection with self and others, and a sense of gratitude. Come spend a day at Charlson Meadows experiencing beauty, both manmade and natural, and focused on self-care at our Day for the Heart program. This event repeats monthly.  
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