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A Whole New World

A Whole New World
This is uncharted territory. All of us are facing a new reality. How COVID-19 will go down in our collective memory is a wild unknown. “Social distancing” and “sheltering in place” are new words in our vocabulary.  As the weeks pass we will have a greater sense of what this will mean.

Some of us have a greater strain on our time as demands increase for our health care professionals, civil servants, educators, and those taking the lead in setting plans in place. For others, our calendars are suddenly wide open with unexpected time to invest in new ways. Under normal circumstances, this could be quite a gift, but with such uncertainty, it may be paralyzing.  

At Charlson Meadows, we have a high value for gratitude and during times like this, a hearty gratitude practice will serve everyone well. Solo or in digital groups, let’s lead in sharing good news and collect some positivity. The tough stuff will be easy to see and the first to be shared. We can rise above and set the atmosphere for hope. 

May we encourage a few ideas?
Habits are a foundation you can build on to bring stability to your day. You can design your day in a fresh new way. If you don’t need to rush out to your morning commute, you could extend your morning routine to include some extra reflection, stretching, or reading.  Or if your evening events have all been scratched, how about slipping under the covers a bit early for some extra immune-boosting sleep?

Step outside and go for a walk. Adjust a chair so you have the best view out of your window. Take time to observe and be in awe of the natural world. Often our guests leave comments about how calm, peaceful and restored they feel after time out on the land. 

Self-comfort v.s. Self-care
The difference is plain. If it feels good for the moment but doesn’t restore, recharge, or renew. That goes in the self-comfort category but, there is a place for that from time to time. Go ahead and binge Netflix tonight, but make a plan for tomorrow to take a walk or spend time with great music and or a quiet evening with a book. Self-comfort may be fine for a day or two, but self-care will be what you need to bring us through the long journey ahead.

We can do this. Let’s be wise and include self-care so we can better care for those around us.

Keep your peace.
Nicole Rasmussen
Program Director
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