• September 3, 2019
    9:00 am - 4:00 pm

The spirit bloweth and is still. In Mystery, soul abides. Whyte-Melville

Prayer is an act of surrender. Prayer enters the Mystery and rejoices in the possible. Join us as we:

· Identify the areas of our life that call us to surrender.
· Develop surrender prayers for that area both individually and collectively.
· Explore the Christain entering the Mystery through the ‘closet’ and the Buddhist entering through the ‘cave of the heart.” Let’s grow our prayer repertoire.
· Practice alone time in nature to support our surrender to the Mystery.
· Come back together to Rejoice in the possible.
· Please bring favorite prayers, poems, or songs if you wish.

Please join our conversation and activate your purpose and aliveness.

I want to notice the things that are really important. Charlson Meadows Guest

Facilitated by Sharon Franquemont
Nurses receive 6 CEUs, Faith Community Nurse Network. Charlson Meadows Certificate of Study upon request.