• September 17, 2019
    9:00 am - 4:00 pm

There was a young lady named Bright whose speed was much faster than light. She went out one day in a relative way and returned the previous night. Anonymous

Intuition can be a time enigma. People report experiencing the future in the present then later living the event exactly as the future foretold. What? Others report an unknown past event revealing itself with clarity in the present. Still others report simultaneously experiencing an event in a loved one’s life, e.g. I knew when my grandmother got the good news her husband was going to recover from his fall.
Would you be comfortable knowing the future? Given a choice, would you like to experience life outside the boundaries of clock time? Greet experimentation and results with awe and wonder. Together we will explore and practice:

  • Provide take home skills to experiment with time
  • Alter your experience of time in order to relax
  • Awaken the ease of ‘just in time’ living
  • Acquaint you with the magic of non-linear time
  • Apply research result to daily time challenges  

I learned to trust time. All types of time are good. Time is good.  Time with others like this is good, too. Charlson Meadows’ Guest

Facilitated by Sharon Franquemont
Nurses receive 6 CEUs. Faith Community Nurse Network. Charlson Meadows Certificate of Study upon request.