Living Intuition

One’s deep intuition is an infallible guide to purpose and accomplishment.                                                           Willis Harman, SRI Scientist; President, INS

Living Intuition:  What is intuition and why develop mine?                                               By Sharon FranquemontAccording to Willis Harman, intuition’s most important gift is a fulfilling life. Others might put its gifts of creativity, profound connection, and intimacy, or adventure above fulfillment. It also offers simple gifts—like reduced stress and anxiety, comfort with the unknown, insight with decisions, and ease with multiple ways of knowing.Most dictionaries define intuition as knowledge that arises without the use of logic. This explanation tells us immediately that logic is not a key to our understanding or development of intuitive life skills.Intuition is natural—it is a part of nature. For example, do you know that research confirms that your pet knows when you are returning to your home before you are close enough for sounds, sights, or smells to convey your coming arrival? Trees and other plants, we now know, communicate with each other. Lynn ‘Buck’ Charlson, Charlson Meadows’ benefactor, was dedicated to intuition because, after a long time working to resolve a design problem logically, one day he looked up at the wall and a clear intuitive vision revealed his solution. Decades later the Orbit Motor, one of his 94 patents, is still considered one of the greatest inventions in hydraulic power. Mr. Charlson stated, “People are already aware to some degree of the advanced intuitional capabilities that exist within their minds.’  The point is intuition is already within you.  You are not primarily acquiring a new skill. You are removing the layers blocking you from actualizing intuition’s wisdom. It is important to remember: Intuition is not a tool you pick up and put down; intuition is a way of being.
My heart knows today what my head will know tomorrow.                                                                                 James StephensWhat can help me access, apply, and evaluate my intuition?Your heart’s knowledge is a key to the greater practical use of intuition. Next time you are facing a decision do something simple:  Ask your heart its opinion. You ask your brain’s logic to evaluate. Why not ask your heart?  If your heart is hesitant or if your brain says one thing and your heart another, consider not deciding now. If you apply this one suggestion consistently, life will open up. Your heart and brain are designed to work together. You do not have to take my word for it. Scientific research during last 5+ years confirms that our heart’s neurons are similar to those in the brain and that your heart and your brain are in constant communication. While most of us associate our emotions with the heart and our logic with the brain, the emotional intelligence field has established that the heart and brain impact each other constantly. Emotions can lead to poor decisions. Logic can help you transform your emotions.The neurons of your gut have also been found to have properties similar to those in your brain. Isn’t it interesting to contemplate that long before scientific research men can refer to, “My gut told me so”, where women tend to say, “My heart told me so.”  Of course, both men and women can use both references. For centuries, Chinese acupuncture theory considers the heart was central to human health because as well as circulating blood it is responsible for the electrical health of the body.
Time Changes at Charlson Meadows
What is the greatest challenge I might encounter while exploring intuition?One of Einstein’s brilliant contributions was his intuition that linear time, along with everything happening in it, is superficial.   Depak ChopraIn a word, the greatest challenge for people is TIME.  Of course, making time for intuition practice, or even remembering to practice intuition skills, is a challenge. But that is not what I am talking about.How would you explain to yourself seeing the future accurately before it occurs. Or, what if you knew something about the past that you should have no way of knowing?  Intuition’s non-linear time experiences are the real challenge. Yet, people from most cultures around the world report such stories, experimental research in remote viewing confirmed they occur, and quantum physics has revealed such time alterations.  How are we to integrate such experiences and the meaning behind them? One answer is: Play with Time.Do you wonder how you will get everything done in our fast-paced world? Or, ever worry you will be late for something? Einstein’s early 20th Century theories imply that time, like everything else in the universe, is relative.  In his famous elevator thought experiment, he demonstrated that events occur differently depending on your time/space perspective. Time, to some degree, is relative and subjective.You already know subjective time, e.g. when you are having fun subjective time races ahead, when you are bored subjective time goes by so slowly, during heightened aliveness or intimate experiences subjective time appears to standstill or even disappear completely.  Accepting Intuition’s non-linear experiences, invites us to play with time.Worried about being late? Practice specific subjective time experiences to slow down time and open spaciousness up. Arrive on time. Learn how to moderate your time experiences, so that as the external world speeds up your internal world slows down. You get the most important things done. Facing a tough decision? We can mimic one of Einstein’s favorite imaginative games—jumping on a light beam—and visit a future time when the decision has already been made. Anxiety fades from your body. These practices actualize a type of time freedom.
Consider joining us. Others who have explored intuition at Charlson Meadows in previous years named some of their Take Homes as To ask, “What is my heart telling me?”I feel so expanded!  It is heart enveloping. Intuition can be a collaborative experience to trust my knowing (said with great emphasis). This changes everything, e.g. like how I think and my expectations and memories of the past. Everything is known in a different way
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