Family Portraits 2021

Meet Nicole, Program Director

As we continue our series of introductions, it is time to introduce myself, Nicole Rasmussen, Program Director.

The Rasmussens are the first to say, “Hello.” – a Rasmussen family value

Our family loves to meet new people and build longtime friendships. We have made conversations a priority in our family life. It has served us well as we have enjoyed conversations with people from far-off places to those on our street. We have a worn-out welcome mat that graces our front porch.  I don’t have any interest in getting a fresh one.  I am thankful that our guests have literally worn out the word “welcome.”

Hospitality is in my blood and it is what I love most about what we do at Charlson Meadows. As Program Director for the last eight years, I’ve had the joy of preparing for, welcoming, and hosting guests both at the Nancy Nelson Lake House and on the land. I love facilitating conversations and making room for people to be seen, refreshed, and inspired.   

I came by the work of self-care that I teach honestly, meaning –  I needed it! When my children were small I allowed life to overwhelm me.  They have grown and I have too.  Now I love to lead retreats and teach about the things that matter most. I want to make an impact by supporting people as they take time to invest in themselves. The world needs us to show up strong. At Charlson Meadows, we are on a mission to support people who help others and I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of it! 

Nicole’s Favorites 

  • Place at Charlson Meadows: The Dining Room table because wonderful conversations happen there. 
  • Quote: Above all guard your heart for from there flows the issues of life – Proverb 
  • Flavor of Ice Cream: Mint Chocolate Chip
  • Flower in the Cutting Garden: Dahlias 
  • Produce in the Garden: Raspberries
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