Mary Hershberger Thun, our Board Vice President. Charlson Thun Community Bandstand and ribbon cutting in 2016

Meet our Vice President

Mary Hershberger Thun, our Board Vice President. Charlson Thun Community Bandstand and ribbon cutting in 2016

“When the winds in your life change, it is a sign to adjust your sails.”  -In memory of George Ward

The Vice President of our Board, Mary Hershberger Thun, has adjusted her sails throughout her life including stops at the University of Minnesota in the Student Services and Financial Aid Departments, serving as Mayor of the City of Victoria, and more recently, the President Board of Directors for WeCAB. At Charlson Meadows, we are grateful those changing winds sent her sailing across our way.

It was while Mary was the mayor of Victoria, that Nancy Nelson began to work with the city on her dream to expand Charlson Meadows. Later, when Mary had her own dream, she found a partner with Charlson Meadows’s desire to support the community in meaningful ways. Building an open-air bandstand – a place where people would come together –  in downtown Victoria would require tenacity. Many different agencies required approval for the land on the edge of Stieger Lake. Her hard work paid off when the Charlson Thun Community Bandstand was dedicated in 2016. Since then guests have enjoyed concerts, theater productions, weddings, and picnics in the new venue. It will continue to be a prized gathering place in the future. 

Nancy saw Mary’s persistence, organization, and experience and she invited her to join our Board in 2017. Mary appreciates the vision of Charlson Meadows to preserve the land. She considers Charlson Meadows to be a hidden treasure that offers a safe and quiet space for reflective opportunities in nature and the way we serve a wide variety of non-profits. 

With gratitude, we honor Mary Hershberger Thun for investing her heart, talents, and experience at Charlson Meadows by serving on our Board as we set our course for the future. 

Mary’s Favorites 

  • Place at Charlson Meadows: Campfire space behind the Chalet
  • Quote: “The key to life is how you deal with plan B.”  Stephen Dias
  • Flavor of Ice Cream: Vanilla
  • Flower in the Cutting Garden: Lilacs and Stargazer lilies
  • Produce in the Garden: Squash
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