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Featured site: Serenity Path is a half-mile round trip foot path off the trail loop that follows the southern shoreline of Stone Lake.
Life Journey Series*Nicole Rasmussen

Maybe we brace for winter, but what can we embrace before it leaves?
Winter is on its way out. (For many, this can not come soon enough!) But before the snow melts and we slip into spring, I invite you to pause and ensure you have collected winter gifts. 

On our Life Journey Trail, Serenity Path is not easy to traverse in snowy months. The trek is worth it for anyone seeking winter stillness and silence. Imagine snow-crusted trees towering above, fresh white snow blanketing below, and your body warm from the hike. A lone bench invites a pause. Taking time to observe the quiet and sit in stillness makes room for reflection. This gift leads to greater growth in the next season. 

Every season has something to offer; each has its own beauty to display.The wonders of winter include stillness, silence, and rest. There is still time to enjoy aspects of winter even if you are tired of the snow. As we move into the growth season, we will be best prepared if we appreciate each gift from this season.

Take it to Heart
Step outside for a walk with the intent to see the gifts of winter.
Look for stillness and silence in nature; pause and breathe deeply as you observe.
Reminisce joyful experiences of play in winter. You could make a snow angel today! 

*Sharon Franquemont developed our Life Journey Program. These unique spaces on the land are intended to foster a meaningful connection with nature and hold space for self-reflection and growth.
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