When was the last time you just played?
I mean, really played and lost all track of time because you were fully engaged? Has it been too long? “Play is a basic biological drive as integral to our health and functioning as sleep and nutrition.” -Dr. Stuart Browne MD, National Institute of Play.  

The Power of Play in Self Care
By definition, play is purposeless, all-consuming, and restorative. It energizes, eases our burdens, and renews a natural sense of optimism that opens us up to new possibilities. By adding just a small dose of play into your week you will reap these benefits. David Kelley with the Institue for Design at Stanford University says, “play is fun, natural, and necessary. It will make better people and a better world.”

Maybe play for you is gathering with friends, taking a winter walk, or experimenting with a kicksled. Play could look like work to someone else. Maybe decluttering a closet or cracking open a new cookbook gives you a thrill. Find what feels like play and bring that into your week. We will all benefit.

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