The Bridge at Charlson Meadows

The Bridge

Life Journey Series

Featured site: Our Bridge is located on an isthmus surrounded by wildlife and wetlands. See the Life Journey Map for more details about our Life Journey Program and how you can come to see it for yourself.

The Bridge

A bridge has a clear purpose. It allows us to get where we need to go when obstacles impede our way. Entering a new year is like stepping onto a bridge. We must cross 2023 to reach 2024.

We don’t always get to choose what we cross,

but we get to choose how we cross.

Over the year, we will encounter opportunities and obstacles. We have the power to choose where we focus our gaze. Will we look ahead to the destination or the obstacles below? Building skills for resilience, like choosing hope, help us cross the bridge no matter what our circumstances bring.

Hope – the joyful anticipation of good.

As we move into 2023, let’s set our hearts to anticipate good.

Let’s look across to the destination with determination.

Let’s look up to the openness of the sky and seek possibilities.

Let’s look below at the obstacles and notice what we have overcome.

Let’s set a sustainable pace and consider who will join us on the journey.

What we become and what we accomplish is yet to be seen. But as we choose to look with hope, our journey will be well worth it.

Take it to Heart

  • Where do you see hope in 2023?
  • Where is more hope needed?
  • Go for a walk and dream what hope would look like in that situation. Sit with it awhile and let it settle in. Review it when you need a lift.
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