What a Wonderful Year

What a Wonderful Year for Charlson Meadows! While our doors have only been open for a few months, we have hosted a large number of groups in our beautiful new lakehouse. Our guests have gathered for meaningful conversations, reconnected with groups, and enjoyed sharing our beautiful spaces with others who serve our community.  

Self Care in the New Year As we begin the new year we have an opportunity to evaluate the ways we invest our time. Do you want to prosper in your soul, body, and spirit and make an impact in your community this year? Blocking off time for yourself can help keep you recharged and refreshed. This new year is a new beginning and an opportunity to schedule your priorities. The fresh new calendar offers blank spaces to design your days. This is your chance to protect some of those little boxes for self-care. Reflection is a self-care practice we address in the Fill Your Cup Retreat. Evaluating where you are is an important step in defining where you want to go. Are there adjustments to be made in order to make room for reflection in the year ahead? Use guided reflection resources, or simply your favorite method to record and process your thoughts. Consider adding or expanding a reflection process in the care of your soul.  Block out some time on your crisp new calendar so you can prioritize it.  As long as you have your calendar out, pencil in some time for rest, play, and building core relationships and you will be sure to set up 2019 to be a stellar year.